Alexa Rae

I want our clients to experience the transformation that occurs not only externally but internally when makeup is applied properly.

Alexa Rae founded Artistry By Alexa in 2008 - an on-location bridal beauty service dedicated to providing a flawless experience for her clients. After invaluable experience working as a makeup artist for Christian Dior and Estée Lauder, Alexa wanted to be able to provide her talents on-location to her clients.

Alexa operates her business on the principles of a strong dedication to her clients and leadership to her talented team, purposely hand selecting a group of artists with specialized artistic and business talents that meet or exceed her own. The Artistry By Alexa team have become well known for their ability to create a flawless application of products that looks natural while playing up their clients favourite features. 

Alexa believe's that Artistry By Alexa's business and customer service standards are equally important to the actual makeup applications themselves. High quality customer service, reliable / prompt communication and consistent client experience are the teams number one priority. 

A self-taught makeup artist, Alexa values collaboration and communication with her clients. "I always say that you should wear the makeup, it shouldn't wear you. I don't believe the old school mentality that makeup needs to be heavy and dark to photograph properly. We have moved forward to a more modern approach of makeup application and the quality of products available has progressed to meet us there. Besides, if you feel uncomfortable it doesn't matter how beautiful your makeup is - it will not translate properly. We ask for open and honest communication with our clients, if they don't love something - we won't be hurt, we want to know so we can adjust our approach and exceed their expectations".

Alexa believes in being the medium that brings her clients visions around style to life. “Makeup doesn't need to be intimidating. The execution of a successful makeup look has everything to do with proper product selection and application technique. We believe in working within each clients individual comfort zone to create a look that they love, and that we can be proud of.”

The most endearing compliment Artistry By Alexa receive's from their clients is how comfortable they feel in their own skin. "The most important aspect of any of our applications is having our clients feel beautiful and I have devoted myself to developing a team of artists with that as their sole mission statement. We feel proud to be a part of some of the most special moments in your life and thank-you sincerely for those opportunities.”

We encourage you to visit our "Acclaim" page to learn more about our award winning team!


Laura Myers

It’s the opportunity to make a bride look and feel her most beautiful - that’s a very personal thing. It’s an experience to be proud of when you’re involved in such an important day for your clients.

After joining the team in 2012, Laura has become one of the most loved Artistry By Alexa airbrush artists. Known for her positivity and upbeat personality, Laura is often praised for the wonderful energy she brings to every wedding she is a part of.

Laura developed her technical skills as a makeup artist for MAC cosmetics from 2007 to 2012. With a distinct eye for identifying the perfect products and techniques to compliment her clients natural features, Laura creates flawless and stunning looks that enhance and inspire. Her skills are perfectly paired with her friendly and playful personality, making her clients feel comfortable and at ease in her hands. 

“My love of makeup artistry is two-fold. I get to express my creative and artistic nature, while connecting with clients, hearing their love stories, and spending such a wonderful day in their lives with them”.

With a mutual desire to create beautiful experiences for their clients and a makeup style that mirrors each other, Laura and Alexa have developed a fun and exciting artistic partnership they are excited to share with their clients.

*As of 2018, Laura accepts a very limited number of bookings each summer season*


Amy Broere

Makeup excites me! It’s art on a fascinating canvas - there is nothing I would rather be doing with my time.

Amy dabbled in recreational makeup artistry for many years, until she finally decided to make a career of it and started working at MAC Cosmetics. There she added professional level training to her natural knack for the trade. Her approachable, playful attitude made working with MAC a great start, however, she quickly realized that she wanted to offer more than just on-counter services. She found herself searching for opportunities to spend more time with each individual, where she could really focus on bringing faces to life. In the spring of 2013 Amy joined forces with the Artistry By Alexa team. Amy's strong focus in creating a positive customer experience coupled with her vast experience as a business owner made her the perfect fit for the artist team.   

As an experienced professional graphic designer, Amy brings a strong awareness and understanding of light and colour to the team at Artistry by Alexa. Having developed a strong eye for detail, creating flawless makeup looks comes naturally to her, and when it comes to bridal makeup, that attention to perfection is invaluable. Amy views each appointment as an exciting challenge to meet the unique needs of her clients - we hope you will be one of them! 


Lauren Knight

A bride envisions how she wants to look, and I believe it’s a privilege to be a part of that process - to create a look that brings that vision to life and makes her feel truly beautiful on her wedding day.

Makeup Artist Lauren Knight has been working in the makeup industry for nearly 10 years. After graduating from the Makeup Artistry Program at Blanche MacDonald School in 2007, Lauren immediately began her career in makeup artistry at MAC Cosmetics as they were opening their first store location on Vancouver Island. For two years, Lauren was immersed in the world of makeup, receiving furthered education from MAC cosmetics and having the opportunity to express her artistic style and talent on a wide range of ethnicities, eye shapes, skin tones and personalities.

Since her departure from MAC in 2009, Lauren has been enjoying the bridal side of the makeup industry - freelancing for a highly regarded on location bridal makeup company on Vancouver Island. In 2014, Lauren also welcomed the newest addition to her family, her first child Cohen. In 2016, the Artistry By Alexa team was delighted to welcome Lauren on board as a team member. We are excited to have this hard working, fun and talented super mom on board.

TeganMcMartin_Alexa-team-004 copy.png


Early on I recognized the unique power of makeup to individualize and empower women, helping them put their best self forward.

One of Artistry By Alexa's most experienced artists, the lovely Kirsten joined the Artistry By Alexa team in 2016. Kirsten became fascinated with makeup at a young age after discovering her older sisters' cosmetic collection. Long before the world of youtube tutorials, Kirsten honed her self taught skill set by utilizing magazines and beauty books. In 2005 Kirsten began a 10 year career at MAC cosmetics. Her roles within the cosmetic giant were vast - from an artistic role, product specialist, event coordinator, 3rd key, assistant manager and eventually to acting retail manager. During her years with MAC, Kirsten excelled at training new artists and helping them to develop their skills.

With a strong skill set in most every area of the makeup world, Kirsten's favorite aspect of makeup is teaching. Taking the fear and mystery out of makeup, she strives to simplify her clients beauty routines to fit their individual lifestyles. During her time representing MAC cosmetics, Kirsten taught several seminars for the brand - including topics such as Ageless Beauty, Technique Seminars, Stage Makeup, Seasonal Trends, Prom and Bridal, etc. Kirsten's main philosophy around makeup is simple: "Makeup should be fun and it's fashion. It doesn't need to be this every day uniform that defines you, rather an accessory to help you express yourself in whatever way you feel like - whether it's a bold, colourful lip or a soft, smoky eye".

Kirsten's impressive credentials and commitment to her clients make her a fabulous addition to the Artistry By Alexa team.

Screen Shot 2018-01-20 at 8.41.38 AM.png


My favourite thing about makeup is the artistry aspect. Bringing knowledge and excitement to my clients about the wonders it does. I love how just one swipe of gloss or mascara can make a person’s day! It is quite a powerful thing.

One of the key characteristics Alexa noted about Gracie was her connection to her clients. Gracie's first priority in her appointments is creating a full experience for her clients: taking into account not only their desires for how they will look, but also how they will feel. It is this dedication to her craft and her impeccable makeup skills which made her a obvious choice for the Artistry By Alexa team. Gracie's fascination for makeup took shape nearly 8 years ago when she was in university and started creating theatrical makeup looks. From there, her career in the beauty industry began! Gracie practiced her craft while working on local films and music videos. Over the years she honed her self taught skills while working for MAC Cosmetics and Sephora Canada. Gracie's love of art and colour fuelled her makeup fascination. 

Gracie has a keen eye for fashion and previously worked for NICHE Magazine, creating beauty looks for their editorial photoshoots. Originally from the Philippines, in her past life Gracie was a professional jazz singer and took part in many singing competitions. In addition to her vast makeup skill set, Gracie brings something equally important to the table - her warm and inviting personality. "Past clients have commented that my presence was calming and there is immense value in this during high energy events such as wedding days". We couldn't agree with Gracie more - and we are thrilled to have her as a part of our artist team!



I love make up because, for me, it is a form of self care, self expression, and creativity; it makes me feel inspired and empowered. I love that my job allows me to share that with others.

Erin is an artist in all aspects of the word. Years before makeup came into her life, her artistic talents lead her to drawing. When she was old enough, her mom registered her in art classes that taught her about proportion, colour theory and creating dimension. As her artistic aesthetic developed, she began drawing faces - specifically eyes. It’s no surprise this path eventually lead her to makeup, both theatrical and beauty (spoiler alert - Erin is phenomenal at halloween makeup).

Although she always considered makeup one of her favourite hobbies, It never occurred to Erin that she could make a career out of something artistic. After Erin graduated university, her husband encouraged her to look for work in the makeup field - the passion she exuded for makeup was obvious to those around her. As with many of our team’s artist, Erin was hired at MAC Cosmetics in 2011 and worked her way up from an artist position, a key holder and eventually to an assistant manager position. Erin’s experience with the cosmetic giant provided her invaluable experience - learning to work on different face shapes, eye shapes, skin types, skin maturity in addition to providing a phenomenal customer service experience.

After leaving her position in 2017, Erin sought to spend her time making her clients feel beautiful - rather than selling to them. After a successful year at a highly regarded on location hair and makeup company, Erin has found her home with the Artistry By Alexa team, providing makeup (and sometimes hair services!) for our wonderful clients. “When I see a bride looking at themselves in the mirror with a huge grin and they just cant take their eyes off themselves - there's no better feeling in the world”. Erin's expertise matches that of our other team members and her dedication to her craft / clients is second to none. For these reasons and many others, she is an obvious perfect fit for our team!


Artistry By Alexa is pleased to offer hair styling service to our bridal clientele. We work with a hand selected group of the most talented hair stylists on Vancouver Island; with between 9 and 20 years of experience each and vast education specifically in the area of bridal / bridal party hair styling, you and your hair are in wonderful hands. To ensure a smooth and streamlined bridal beauty experience, combined packages and complimentary coordination of both hair and makeup services are offered through Alexa and team.